IT Integrations

All the IT integrations will be quoted for separately

LDAP synchronization
Logging into your company directory may be useful if you have a considerable number of users. Thanks to it, you will be able to create a synchronous/asynchronous tie with ATS-Network. It will then enable you to create and fill in automatically the profiles from your data. It will also be possible to transfer the data entered into ATIS-Network fields towards your own computer system.
Link to your trade-oriented applications
You can decide that your ATIS-Network workspace will become a central portal with services created for your users. You just need to create some links towards trade-oriented applications (CRM, SIRH, expense account, project management, business rooms booking, ...). This is made possible on your SmartPage and SmartPlace workspace and/or on a group page where we will create a notebook (HTML, Iframe, widget) with links that will redirect and connect the user to the trade-oriented application thanks to Single Sign-on (SSO).
Specific connectors
We currently have more or less sophisticated and ready to use connectors, with an interesting range of trade-oriented solutions (CRM, GED, business intelligence software, etc.).

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