A functionality for each individual use !

The listed functions here are part of your basic subscription ATIS-network.

The functionalities set up can be done progressively to accompany your organization step by step

Icône Application Visioconférence
Join a member from your organization or ecosystem using the videoconference (or simply using the audio system).
  • Invite up to 3 persons to join the videoconference
  • Share your screen and/or your documents
  • No need to install anything on your computer
You sometimes need several weeks to get a meeting. Thanks to the videoconference, it is much easier to contact participants. It will also encourage professional interactions and quick decision making.
Icône Application messenger
Instant messaging services
Start a real-time conversation with your collaborators.
  • Share your documents in one click.
  • Keep a history of all your conversations and access quickly to the relevant pieces of information you need.
  • Contact each user individually or contact a group.
Quick day-to-day adjustments are necessary amongst collaborators. Contact the right person(s) in real-time to get more quickly the vital piece of information you need.
Icône Application groupe de travail
The working group is a pleasant and interactive environment that makes information move faster and speeds up decision making and innovation.
  • Create working groups easily to manage a team, a project, requests, etc. Invite your colleagues and/or your partners in this working group and activate the needed tools to organize work.
  • Boost collaboration and exchanges.
  • Put an end to endless email exchanges.
  • Manage independently your confidentiality level and members.
Organize groups for your organization departments.
Create public or private project-groups to collaborate with your external partners.
Create groups that will manage confidential requests. As an example, for leave requests.
Set up watch groups in which articles on specific job subjects will be posted automatically...
Icône Application Enquête
Polls and surveys
Create any type of survey and get the results you need to make the best decisions. The survey helps you to create and spread your online surveys. You can:
  • choose amongst several question templates
  • customize your questionnaires
  • fully manage the survey, edition and results processing
  • follow up the survey results in real-time thanks to graphs that are automatically generated by the system
  • export the results in a CSV file
Let's make things easier: create a survey that will get information to make decision making better, create opinion survey, satisfaction survey, assessment questionnaire, etc.
Icône Application Questions réponses
Questions & Answers
Ask your question within your group and get the most relevant answer.
  • Leverage on your ecosystem knowledge for the benefit of your group members.
  • All the contents posted within your groups are saved up and indexed
  • No duplication: before a user asks a question, ATIS-Network shows similar questions that have already been solved
The newcomers can get integrated more easily thanks to this knowledge base and the already solved answers available on the platform.
Icône Application gestion documentaire
The document system offers you a customized management of your documents with several tree views. Classify, move and organize your documents in files or subfiles. Manage the access permission to your documents.
  • The documents content can be viewed without downloading them
  • The collaborators can modify the documents online or download them
  • Keep the history of the different document versions
Don't lose any more time looking for documents, or for their most recent version. The document system is made to store and classify your documents, favorite links, photos, ...
Icône Application flash infos
Breaking news
Inform your groups thanks to your Breaking news.
  • The Breaking news goal is to highlight what cannot go unnoticed in your network.
  • Article, link, document, event, etc. Your information is shaped depending on your needs
You want to circulate important information through your network? Post some breaking news! Each user will then take note of it when logging into the platform and will be able to interact. In this way, you make sure a maximum number of people can read the news.
Icône Application calendrier
Get a quick access to the next events of your ecosystem, per group but also thanks to a global view that incorporates your events every month.
  • Organize dates, meetings and events surveys
  • Export easily all the platform "events to come" to your website, personal calendar, etc.
Beyond the traditional calendar functions, this app can be used to simplify the meeting rooms booking process, the human resources management and the holiday requests, etc...
Icône Application annuaires des entreprises
Contacts directory
Get access to your collaborators and professional ecosystem directory.
  • Enrich your professional profile thanks to your individual form.
  • Identify the other members, create links, encourage exchanges and improve performance.
Use the contacts directory and its search engine to identify your collaborators' and your ecosystem specific skills.
Icône Application petites annonces
Small adds/Marketplace
Exchange knowledge, resources, suggest properties for sale or rent, etc. within your ecosystem.
  • Get in touch with your community members
  • Full text search engine
  • Customize your posts (categories, status, photos, …)
Encourage local or theme exchanges in your own community.
Icône Application tâches
Créez rapidement des tâches pour vous même ou pour vos collaborateurs, sous forme de tableaux dynamiques donnants une vision claire et lisible de l’avancement de ces tâches.
  • Liez directement un document à une tâche
  • La barre d’avancement et la partie commentaire, vous permettent d’effectuer le suivi de l’avancement de cette tâche
A request for any of your collaborators? Stop using internal emails! Give them a task and check its progress on the platform.
Icône Application Projet
Use the "Kanban" chart method to improve your projects management. The charts represent the projects. Into them, maps (tasks) are created and can be assigned to users and moved from one column to another one.
  • Each chart has a target audience (group or users).
  • The columns can be named depending on the type of project (workflow, theme, etc.).
  • Le Glisser-déposer, et les filtres de personnalisation rendent l’expérience projet plus fluide
Manage your projects in a transparent and quick way.
Icône Application idées innovations
Ideas for innovation
Launch some calls for project serenely and in full transparency. Create your own calls for project. Simply collect your collaborators' ideas and suggestions.
  • Involve your collaborators in your organization innovation process
  • Encourage discussions and votes
  • Encourage the participants to discover your current projects and to contribute to them.
Your collaborators can follow the ideas progress in real-time, enrich them and interact with the workers in charge. Transparency and the increasing volume of participation stimulate creativity and interactions: emulation is sure to be created!
Icône Application remontée de terrain
Information transmission
Fasten up the communication between your collaborators working on the spot and those from the headquarter.
  • Transmit information found on the spot in an optimal way despite the distance
  • Wherever you are and from any support devices (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Clarify how important it is (basic information, warning or critical situation)
  • Specify the priority level of the actions to lead: immediate, within the week, the month, the year or on longer term.
The application makes sense for franchise network employees or "on the field" sales representatives who want to transmit quickly some pieces of information to their headquarter.
Icône Application badges
Refer to and export the main data available on the platform regarding connection, reading, posts or social actions.
  • Measure your workspace activity
  • Check the indicators
  • Export data in .CSV
All your working groups' activities are indexed and enable you to get accurate statistics on a group activity, a post, or a person.
Icône Application communauté
Community environment
Create your own community environment and open it to other ATIS-Network users. Develop your network and encourage exchanges.
  • 100% customizable
  • Compatible with the other platform apps
  • More than just a showcase website, create a real interaction with your network.
Having a news blog on your website or a company newsletter doesn't always give a feedback on the information you posted. Thanks to ATIS-Network community environments, you can create a real interaction with your network.

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