In an ever more connected world, ATIS-Network offers you a collaborative working platform AS WELL AS social network made of companies and organizations within a full professional or community ecosystem

ATIS-Network was born thanks to several organizational findings within SME's.
TheNew digital tools on the market are disrupting the working environments. Nevertheless, the private communication tools (tels que
(such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter…) are most of the time interconnectec in a better way than those of the companies and organizations.
The collaborators mainly express their need to communicate more easily and that's why collaborative work as become a norm..
As there are more and more information to manage and a real need to share knowledge, some tools, as the email, are considered extra but moslty avoidable. ..
The digital transformation and the Human Resources rise have become the main stakes for SME' and all organizations competitiveness.
ATIS-Network supports you in this transformation thanks to ATIS-Network supports you in this transformation AS WELL AS a human coaching adapted to everyone's particular need..


A one-stop and upgradeable solution to

Couteau suisse

1. Stop losing time

reading useless emails, looking for documents, organizing meetings, looking for the right piece of information…

2. Improve your collaboration and your teams' training

3. Enable a targeted and interactive communication

between your organization and its partners, by sector, by interests ...

4. Open new ways of communication

towards your clients, prospects and business partners.

Everything at your own pace and with the support of our skilled workers.

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