SmartPage: to inform your audiences
We offer you the chance to customize your space to the fullest for your internal and external collaborators. This space reflects your image and gathers all sorts of information you want to spotlight depending on your public. You can also choose the functionalities.
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SmartPage: to manage your activity
Thanks to SmartPlace, you can create a specific dashboard for your organization with all the useful tools and connections (applications, widgets, …).
Moreover, each one of your users can create their own dashboard for more efficiency.
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Customized mailing invitation
We customize the email invitation you want to send to your collaborators and partners with your colors in order to create a better adhesiveness to your collaboration environments.
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Customized video invitation
A short video is worth a thousand words! Let's create a customized video invitation together to encourage new connections to your collaboration environments.
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Customized RSS Feed creation
You do not master the RSS feeds but you would like to ensure competitors observance, information or technical monitoring? Our team will help you to build all the necessary feeds for your organization.
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Branding, brand identity/company
Customize your working environment with your graphic charter to feel like at home.
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